Тя свали 45 кг. и се превърна в секссимвол (СНИМКИ)

Джена събра хиляди последователи в социалните мрежи след като се пребори с наднорменото тегло

Събина Андреева

На света почти няма жена, която да не се бори с теглото си по един или друг начин. Американката Джена успя да свали цели 45 килограма по време на личната си борба. Не само това – младата жена се превърна в истински сексимвол в социалните мрежи и покори Instagram със снимките си.

Джена отслабнала само чрез правилно хранене, с което бързо спечели одобрението на много жени и стана звезда в социалната мрежа, а последователите ѝ там вече надхвърлят 130 хиляди души.

С течение на времето Джена започна да качва свои снимки „преди” и „след”. Тя показва и снимки от "истината" за отслабването - появата на стриите, борбата с целулита и др. Към тях сподели и някои от най-добрите рецепти, които е използвала по време на слабеенето си, както и написа вдъхновяващ пост за тези, които също искат да намалят теглото си.

Джена обобщава случилото ѝ се така: „Бъдете здрави! Това е най-важното. Трябва да знаете, че бързите и ударни диети не са полезни. Знайте също, че тъпченето не е добре. То няма да замести другите празноти, които чувствате – болка, тъга, самота. А и да прекалявате с храната не е добре за здравето ви в дългосрочен план.”

Ето как Джена е променила фигурата си и продължава да я променя:

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What it takes: 1. Planning your meals 2. Waking up early to go to the gym. 3. Going to the gym after work to burn a few extra calories instead of home to watch tv. 4. Fighting with your inner demons who want to self-sabotage. 5. Cutting out people in your life who don’t have your best interest at heart 6. Only having one slice of pizza instead of the whole thing. 7. Reminding yourself that what you want MOST is more important than what you want NOW. 8. Working out on your day off. 9. Not giving up even if the scale says something other than what you expected. 10. Figuring out why you let it get to this far in the first place and resolving those issues. 11. Changing your relationship with food

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Getting healthy isn’t a physical state, it’s a mental one. It’s about your mind being focused and clear. It’s about putting long term satisfaction ahead of immediate gratification. It’s about realizing that nothing will change overnight. It’s about being so sick of your own excuses that you don’t make any more. It’s about having a goal and working every day towards it instead of away from it. It’s not something I’ve mastered but I know how my mind feels when I’m in “the zone” and that’s when I know I can accomplish anything. What does being in “the zone” feel like for you?

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My thighs are so sexy they can’t stop touching each other. 😛 The biggest difference between these pictures is that I toned my body a little bit more and had loose skin removed on my stomach & a breast lift and aug.

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Old me: I’m planning on starting a diet tomorrow so I better eat everything I possibly can today. ⭐️ New me: Do my best to feed my body with healthy foods and conscious eating to break the cycle of binging and crash dieting. ⭐️ #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiary

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✨The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re not willing to stay where you are ✨

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Diet Tip: Stay Hydrated 🥂💦

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There’s no finish line. Even if the number on the scale finally shows what you’ve always dreamed of, you will still have work to do. We should not only be focused on our physical growth but our emotional growth as well. Do not assume that once you get to your goal everything will be perfect and fall into place. I am guilty of this mentality and I also have to remind myself that I shouldn’t wait to live my life until I get to that finish line. I may never feel like I’m actually ever “done” growing or changing or bettering myself. What’s one thing you’ll always be working on in yourself? ⭐️ I’m really excited to announce that my Defy With Dena Squad Membership Portal is up and running! I’m offering a Free 7 Day Trial & the first 25 clients who sign up will get a free waist trainer/sweat band from me! *8 spots already taken!* ⭐️ The link is in my bio. My program includes meal plan, 24/7 access to me, weekly tracker, daily tracker, grocery list, eating out guide and over 100 pages of lessons and stories! ⭐️ You will also have access to my private Defy With Dena Squad Support Group where I can answer your questions and we will build a community to support each other.

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